[Courses]Nanyin Vocal and Music Course by Siong Leng Musical Association (盻鍾秞氈扦)

[VCD/DVD] Teochew Opera VCD of Jityang Huay Kwan

[Teochew Opera]Chen Chu Hui Teochew Opera Concert 19~22/03/2009
[Concert] Nan Yin Performance 15/03/2009
[Liyuan Opera]Gao Wenju 07/03/2009
[Teochew Opera]Teochew Opera Nite 03~04/01/2009
[Concert] Erhu Solo 14/12/2008
[Teochew Opera]Teochew Opera Nite 13~14/12/2008
[Concert] Melody of Life 29/11/2008
[Teochew Opera]The Awakening of the Dream 07~08/11/2008
[Outdoor Concert]Ancient Music Pervading Kusu Island 18/10/2008
[Concert] Nan Yin Performance 17/10/2008
[Teochew Opera] Teochew Opera Concert 13/09/2008
[Teochew Opera] Stone Decocting (Teochew Opera) 09~10/09/2008
[Concert] Chinese Oldies Evangelistic Concert 07/07/2008, 27/07/2008
[Concert] Nan Yin Performance 21/07/2008
[Concert] Soul Journey (Nanyin Concert) 06/07/2008
[Concert] The Oldies Concert 24/06/2008
[Concert] The Oldies for Mother's Day 12/05/2008
[Concert] The Oldies Concert 29/04/2008
[Concert] Nan Yin Performance 26/03/2008
[Concert] The Oldies for Chinese New Year 11/02/2008
[Teochew Opera] The Magistrate 27/10/2007 ~ 28/10/2007
[Teochew Opera] The Kidnap 23/10/2007 ~ 24/10/2007
[Hokkien Opera] The Chalk Circle 06/10/2007

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